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Not Telling~
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
To-Do list:

1. Sweet Heart Breedings (2)

2. Limerick Breedings (2)

3. Holly Harvest Breeding (1)

4. Delta Wing Breeding (3)

5. Dream Trance Breedings (2)

6. Request for Nevenaloler

7. Winter Doe Breedings (4 full)

8. Sunrise Buck Breedings (3)

9. Creepy Pony Adopts

10. Finish folder directory drawing done~
Tagged by :iconparadox-pony:

1) You must post these rules 
2) Share 10 facts about yourself 
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for people you tag  
4) Choose 10 people and put 10 icons in their journal 
5) Not something like, "You are tagged if you read that".  
6) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
7) No tag-backs.
8) You can't say that you don't do tags. 
9) You must make a journal entry. No comments.

10 facts about me:

1. Ehm, I'm currently enrolled In cyber school.
2. I prefer the older cartoons to the newer ones.
3. I'm 17 (going on 18 in October).
4. I don't have a cell phone (nor do i want one).
5. Um... I like anime.
6. I constantly check my spelling and phrasing on my typing at least 5 times before I feel like I spelled and phrased everything correctly.
(as a result it takes me a much longer time before I send or post messages/comments/replies.)
7. I hate most reality shows.
8. My favorite video game series are (In no specific order) Mario, Legend Of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts.
9. I currently have a total of 7 pets (4 rabbits, 2 cats, and 1 bird).
10. I tend to over-analyze just about everything.


1 what is your sex and gender? (if you're uncomfortable saying specifically, what pronouns do you use?)

Straight Female.

2 What made you want to join deviantart?

Seeing all the wonderful art people have made here and wanted to try and include my own artwork.

3 what is your biggest fandom?

MLP (I guess?)

4 what is the most amount of money/points you spent on a single commission

Umm, Only about... 3 points (I think? It was a while ago)

5 what is your OTP?

What fandom?

6 favourite starter?

Pokemon starter? I'd have to say the little cutie named Chespin :D

7 what was your favourite show as a child?

Mazie. Hands Down.

8 what youtuber, if any would you love to meet?

I'd have to say TheRPGMinx, she seems like a awesome person to hang out with :3

9 what is your favourite language?

I never thought of it before... so all of them?

10 what country are you from? (say the name of it in the native language)

The US.


Questions for you: (Warning: they will be random and generic because I have no idea what to ask  d:

1. What's your all time favorite video game? If you don't play video games what's your favorite movie?

2. Who Is your favorite youtuber?

3. Favorite starter pokemon?

4. Do you believe in ghosts/spirits? (random I know XD)

5. Do you like Hetalia and/or Soul Eater?

6. Favorite show as a child?

7. Favorite food?

8. What's your favorite animal?

9. What's your zodiac? (mines scorpio~)

10. Do you have a least favorite fandom?


1. :iconstarfire-fox:

2. :iconxxprincess-adoptxx:

3. :iconramensexual:

That's all i got XD

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